Digital File Upload

If you would like to upload digital artwork to Display Hero's FTP service, please do the following:

  1. Name your files using Display Hero's job number in the name of your file.  This job number can be found on the sales agreement or the invoice.
  2. Click the link below or here to access our file transfer service.
  3. Fill in the password that was given to the client.
  4. In the "Your name" field, put the name of your company (the name of Display Hero's client)
  5. Drag and drop your files.  Once you see the green check mark, the file uploading is complete.
  6. Send an email to your Display Hero Account Executive informing them that your digital artwork has been uploaded.

If you have questions or experience trouble, please call us at 866-912-HERO (4376).

Click Here To Upload Your Digital Artwork to Diplay Hero's FTP