RE-9017 Neupro Island

  • Trade Show Rental Exhibit
  • RE-9017 Hybrid Island Exhibit
  • 16' High Curved Backwall Structure with Built-in Walkway
  • Storage Closet with Locking Door (Includes Solid Unprinted Sintra Infill Panels)
  • (2) Connected Shelving Units
  • (2) Small Monitor Mounts
  • Short Coral Wall for Semi-Private Conference Area (Includes Frosted Acrylic Infill Panels)
  • (1) RE-1205 Large Curved Counter with Locking Door & Interior Shelf
  • (1) RE-1229 Large Monitor Kiosk with Large Monitor Mount
  • SEG Fabric Graphics on Both Sides
  • Click on Docs & Dims (Above) for Graphic Dimensions/Templates
  • Graphics Not Included
  • Furniture, Flooring, and Monitors Not Included

    Modular Assembly: Locking Hex Key Connections (Tool Included)