RE-9039 NEC Island

  • Trade Show Rental Exhibit
  • RE-9039 Hybrid Island Exhibit
  • 16' High Extrusion Tower Structure with Storage Access
  • Hard Rock Maple Laminate Infills
  • (4) RE-1223 Double-Sided Tapered Counter Workstations with Storage
  • (8) Small Monitor Mounts
  • (2) RE-1208 Laminated Rectangular Reception Counters with Storage
  • Large Frosted Acrylic Accent Wings
  • (2) Curved Extrusion Header Structures
  • (2) Curved Graphic Structures for Top Portion of Tower
  • Halogen Lighting
  • Please Request Design Details
  • Graphics and Monitors Not Included

    Modular Assembly: Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)
    Ask about Supervised Assembly