Affordable Trade Show Displays: Building a Great Exhibit on a Budget

Jul 7, 2020

Affordable Trade Show Displays: Building a Great Exhibit on a Budget

Most businesses–probably all small businesses–hope to leave their next trade show with a list of new contacts and customers, which they’ll acquire on a budget. Looking at the star-studded trade show displays that are available and meant to wow crowds can get discouraging if affordability is in the forefront of your mind.

But fear not! There are plenty of ways to construct affordable trade show displays that get results. In this article, we’ll discuss three principles of an affordable trade show display without getting to specific about what to include.

Spaciousness with Your Exhibit

The first rule for putting together a great trade show display on a budget is to simply put as few items in it as possible. Fewer things to spend money on means spending less money, right?

In practice, this means emphasizing a clear, spacious, almost tranquil environment in your booth. When people walk by, they’ll notice the relatively “quiet” feel of your space and feel better about lingering. They’ll also have an easier time spotting whatever you want them to see, right away.

Have a  Focal Point for Your Trade Show Display

Speaking of what you want them to see, if you could pick one thing for everyone to notice when they pass by your booth, what would it be? With a relatively clear booth, you get to pick that thing and position it such that everyone does notice it. This way, the attendees to whom your wares are irrelevant can keep moving and the leads you’re there to snag can qualify themselves by stopping and engaging with your focal point.

Follow Up Strategically

Now, when we talk about building an affordable trade show display on a budget, we’re mostly talking about rationing floor space and props. We are certainly not talking about compromising follow-up ability for the sake of saving money.

Have a specific plan for following up on contacts you make with your affordable trade show display. Obviously business cards and flyers are good, but to increase your profit margin on this experience, you’ll need something that puts the contact ball in your court. That is, a signup sheet with email addresses and phone numbers, networking mobile apps, etc.–whatever is best for your business in this context, spare no reasonable expense when it comes to making those contacts stick.

Affordable Trade Show Displays: No Problem!

Anyone can profit from displaying at the right trade show, almost no matter their budget. You might not be able to dominate the floor with huge towers or a celebrity DJ cranking out the jams, but you can certainly get the job done.

First, make your limitation an advantage and keep everything unnecessary out of your booth. This both saves money and makes it easier to direct attendee’s glances toward a focal point of your choosing. Once they notice and begin engaging with that focal point–which may just mean talking with you–the lead is generated as soon as you get their contact information.  What a relief for them to not have to sift through confusing hype in your booth; meanwhile, you have the easiest time imaginable starting pointed, sales-focused conversations.