Visionary Designs | VKDH-2968
10' x 20' Trade Show Display
Lead Time:
33 Business Days
  • Description
  • Customizations
  • Engineered Aluminum Structure
  • (1) 12 ft. Large Format Tension Fabric Wall (12' W x 8' H)
  • (1) Header (3' x 1')
  • (1) Full-size Closet with Locking Door
  • (1) Aero Accent Ring (8' H x 9' W x 18" D)
  • (2) Workstations with Locking Door
  • (1) MOD-1529 Reception Counter with Aero Pillowcase Fabric Accents
  • (1) MOD-1336 Tablet Stand
  • Casual Seating Area
  • Includes All Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics Shown
  • Includes Crate Option with Customized Packaging
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Monitors
Additional Information
  • Proudly made in the USA by Classic Exhibits
  • View the 10' x 30' version, model VKDH-3006 just below in Related Products
  • View the 20' x 30' version, model VKDH-5128 just below in Related Products
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10' x 30' Visionary Designs trade show exhibit, model VKDH-3006
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10' x 30' Trade Show Display

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20' x 30' Visionary Designs Trade Show Exhibit, model VKDH-5128
Visionary Designs | VKDH-5128
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Modular Exhibits

Modular trade show exhibits offer a packaged, affordable approach to customization. Choose from many pre-designed display kits that can be modified to meet your specific needs. Not only can modular trade show exhibits save you money, they’re also highly portable, durable and versatile.

Inline Displays

At trade shows, inline or linear trade show displays are generally arranged in a straight line alongside other exhibits. With this in mind, it’s especially important that they’re bold and eye-catching. Common inline display sizes include 10x20, 10x30 or larger.

Visionary Designs Features
  • Large Format Graphics
  • Engineered Aluminum Structure
  • Re-configures to 10 ft., 20 ft., and 20 x 20 Island
  • Workstations with Storage
  • Reception Counter
  • Individually Numbered Components
  • Reusable Packaging
  • Fabric-lined Custom Crate(s) with Jigging
  • Made in the USA
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Laminate sample chain
Laminate Color Choices
  • Black, Pionite Black
  • Silver, Nevamar Silver Alu Metalx
  • Maple, Pionite Hardrock Maple