Budget Effectively for Your Trade Show Booth Rental Cost

Jul 7, 2020

Designing the Perfect 20 x 20 Trade Show Booth

There is an incredibly wide spectrum of trade show booth rental costs. Graphics, quality of materials, and customization are just three of a long list of variables that can affect your booth’s price per square foot. In the broadest strokes, assume that your trade show booth rental cost will be somewhere between $25 and $350 per square foot.


Our database of trade show rentals displays pictures of booth designs with either example graphics (posters, logos, etc.) or none at all. Clearly, your company will need its own graphics printed up for your show. Quantity, dimensions, colors and the like determine the price of graphics. Most of the designs on our website show how much it would cost to include a set of graphics in your trade show booth rental costs.

Alternatively, we can supply a list of dimensions so you can see what you might already have, or what customizations you’d like to make to your booth’s graphics.

Quality of Materials

There are lightweight, portable designs that can be moved around easily (including by the wind); these are the least expensive. They’re great for small shows and companies that are just getting into trade shows. Some of them are small enough that they can even be transported in your own vehicle.

Modular materials are made in a factory and kept on hand to be used when they’re needed. Some of these can be transported easily; others, not so much. These materials are often more solid or intricate and require more resources and care.

Trade Show Rental Customization

Finally, a company that puts down more money deserves some customization and they get it with Display Hero. Customizing anything adds to its cost, but your trade show booth rental cost is designed to be recouped and more by the leads that your custom exhibit generates.

Maybe you need a special kind of light for your product or a certain type of flooring would be the perfect finishing touch. Although there are thousands of trade show booth templates to browse, no two businesses are the same so some degree of customization is to be expected. It’s always possible that you’ll get lucky and find the perfect design “right out of the box”, so to speak, but in general, it’s always wise to add a few dollars per square foot to free up your creativity.

How to Budget for Your Trade Show Booth Rental Cost

The quickest–and perhaps truest–answer is that it’s impossible to give a general answer that’s very useful. Between $500 and $50,000. Your best bet is simply to reach out, tell us what you’re thinking about, and begin a dialogue. Depending on your needs and ideas, you could set yourself up with a backdrop for under $750 or we could build a two-story stageplay set that attendees will tell their friends about.

It all depends on your business, what you sell, and what exactly you’re intending to get out of the trade show you’re planning for. Give us a call; we love to talk shop!